During the summer, we provide highly trained personnel needed to operate your pool. Our lifeguards promote a safe and friendly pool atmosphere, taking pride in the communities they serve.

  • CERTIFIED POOL OPERATOR-Supervision when open in accordance with state law.
  • LIFEGUARDS-Red Cross Certified in Lifeguarding/First Aid/ CPR & AED
  • Lifeguards arrive 30/60 minutes prior to open to clean pool
  • MAINTENANCE-Cleanliness and operation of pool and filtration systems.
  • Maintain the proper water chemistry in accordance with the board of Health requirements.
  • Providing weekly water testing by an independent laboratory, as required by N.J. Bathing Code
  • Maintain the cleanliness and operation of the pool and filtration systems, including vacuuming, cleaning tiles, inspection of all pump room equipment.
  • Maintain cleanliness of the deck area.
  • Provide all chemicals necessary to maintain the highest standards and the manufacturer’s specifications.